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Welcome to Nonnie’s Village Where little minds blossom and curiosity is celebrated! Our nurturing environment is designed to foster a love for learning, ensuring each child’s unique journey is filled with joy, exploration, and meaningful connections. Explore the possibilities with us as we embark on this exciting educational adventure together.

  1. Ensure your child arrives on time for scheduled drop-offs and pickups.
  2. Provide accurate and updated contact information for emergencies. 
  3. Communicate any changes in your child’s health, including allergies or medications.
  4. Collaborate with teachers to support your child’s learning and development. 
  5. Stay informed about school events, meetings, and important announcements. 
  6. Encourage a positive attitude towards learning and engage in your child’s educational journey. 
  7. Support a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious meals and promoting physical activity. 
  8. Foster a conducive home environment for completing assignments and participating in learning activities. 
  9. Attend parent-teacher conferences and actively participate in school activities. 
  10. Uphold and promote a respectful and inclusive community within the childcare setting.

 We value every child as a precious gift and strive to give safe, high-quality care and education to the beautifully diverse, and often underserved families in our community

Empowering Parents with Information


Parent Communication

Building a high-quality early education program starts with establishing comprehensive learning objectives. These learning objectives serve as a roadmap for educators, outlining the key skills and knowledge that children will acquire during their time in preschool. By creating a structured preschool curriculum built on appropriate educational objectives, you can help ensure that your children learn the essential skills to support their cognitive, social, and emotional development and prepare them for kindergarten.

Empowering Parents with Information

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